We use the finest skin care products on the market. This is to ensure that you experience high quality results along with a relaxing session. Our high-quality products are available for purchase should you want to continue your skin regime at home.



Epicuren products are formulated with pure and natural biological and botanical ingredients. The highest quality raw materials are gathered from around the world to create fresh and vital products, which are uniquely free from chemical preservatives, colors or fragrances. Epicuren topical Skin Treatment Systems naturally activate the skin’s metabolic functions to create and support a dramatically more youthful appearance.



For years, Dermalogica’s formulas have pioneered new standards for product performance. Using only the finest ingredients available, all products are non-comedogenic and contain no occlusive mineral oil or lanolin, no irritating artificial colors or fragrance, and no drying S.D. alcohol or formaldehyde.



Physician’s Choice

Physician’s Choice pHaze 13 Pigment Control products are the most effective and cosmetically elegant products available today for treatment of brown-spotting of skin, sun damage, acne discoloration and perfume stains. If used at home, in tandem with professional treatments, patients usually start seeing results in two to three weeks with continued improvement thereafter.